High speed letter opener

Neopost solutions manage incoming mail in a seamless process from opening to distribution, processing, storage and disposal – which all help you to: improve productivity, maximise sales opportunities, build customer satisfaction with quicker response, speed up internal communications, cut document storage costs and improve management of processes and reporting.

Business Benefits

Cost Savings

  • Saves labour opening mail
  • Faster payment processing helps cashflow
  • Handles mixed mail without pre-sorting


  • Handles up to 36,000 envelopes per hour
  • Opens and presents contents for easy extraction
  • Up to 1000 opened envelopes can be stacked beneath the input feeder for easy removal

Process Management

  • Precision- built long-life mail
  • Milling cutter technology
  • High Speed

Effective Communications

  • Mail reaches the addressee quicker
  • Respond faster to customer communications and orders
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through quicker response to enquiries and orders
Process Management

Process Management

Rapid letter opening minimises delay in starting an optimised incoming mail workflow including opening and electronic document management (open/scan/distribute/track/store/record/update data). Supports achievement of post room service level agreements. Milling cutter technology precisely slits envelope side so valuable contents are undamaged.


Handles up to 32,000 envelopes per hour. Opens and presents contents for easy extraction. No need to pre-sorting mixed mail. Up to 1000 opened envelopes can be stacked beneath the input feeder for easy removal. Simple to use with multi-function touch screen. Handles a wide range of envelopes – Up to 4 mm manual feed and up to C4.


Mail reaches the addressee quicker and in perfect condition, allowing faster processing of revenue driving documents such as cheques or sales orders. Customer satisfaction is enhanced through quicker response to enquiries and orders.
Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Saves labour opening mail. Faster payment processing helps cashflow.

At the end of the trial period, we didnt want to give the demonstration machine back.

Kelly Johnson

Brethertons Law Firm
Operational efficiency

Processing Speed - 32,000 per hr

Envelope size

Maximum - 260mm x 330mm


Maximum - Up to 4mm auto feed


Length - 1070mm

Width - 750mm

Height - 1065mm

Weight - 90kg

Stand and Waste Bin - Included 

Catch Tray (Option)

Capacity - Included, up to 80 DL envelopes


Counters - Normal, Rate, Batch, Lifetime

Feed Modes - Basic, On Delay, On Demand

Motor - Brushless DC with Variable Speed

Safety - Jam and Idle Shutoff

Milling - Cutter On/Off selectable (feeding only)

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