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Better communications help win and retain customers and improve internal process efficiency. Our innovative software and equipment make communications quick, accurate and personalised.
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Correct handling of customer communications and personal information is vital for customer satisfaction and brand image. We can help you comply with latest regulations and brand guidelines.
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We can help your transition from paper to digital communications and document processing. Mail is still preferred by many customers and for some types of communications, but digitising documents saves time & money
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Cost Saving

Boost your bottom line by reducing the costs of customer communications. Our intelligent software and equipment speed up processing, improve productivity and cut postage costs, storage space and waste
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    Check out all of our latest Thought Leadership Articles, Blog posts, Press Releases on the mailing industry and the world of customer communications.
  • Output Management Systems

    Neopost’s OMS-500 software solution, helps SME’s to optimise outgoing communications to customers, and extend their communication possibilities beyond physical mail. Documents can be easily loaded to OMS-500 from your existing ERP, CRM or payroll software with little IT involvement.