Mailing Equipment & Software

Neopost solutions make it quicker, easier and cheaper to send & receive all types of customer communications and packages. Improved presentation & accurate personalisation help to build your brand image.

Customer Experience Management

Managing high volumes of personalised customer interactions across mail, email & web can be time consuming. Our advanced multi-channel communications management software is top-rated by Gartner & Forrester research.

Receive mail & email

Improve efficiency, cashflow and customer satisfaction. Speed up mail processing, digitise paper documents and extract data from mail and emails for rapid distribution, on-line remote processing, archiving & retrieval.

Manage Parcels

Our parcel management solutions provide integrated processing of parcels at every stage, from arrival through to final delivery. From checking the contents of a parcel, to tracking, alerting and storing securely before collection.
  • Invoice Manager

    Invoice Manager is a modular blend of scanning, indexing and management technology. It is designed to reduce the cost of invoice processing, make archiving and retrieval easy and reduce the effort required to manage supplier or auditor enquiries.

  • Track Inside

    Barcode technology and mobile terminals track letters, parcels or packages as they enter, move through and exit single site or multiple sites. Item status is monitored during receipt, transit and delivery phases.

  • Convert incoming mail to actionable information
    Digitising documents can improve efficiency of workflows and business agility. Neopost can help capture, digitise and centrally manage incoming mail and process information. You can save time, reduce workload, satisfy customers and manage processes from end to end.
  • Your communications, the way your customers want it

    Every customer communication is an opportunity to connect. Managing personalised communications across mail, email, web and SMS can be time consuming and open to error. Find out why Gartner research rates our software as a market leader in managing multi channel communications.