Neopost saves space for Mill Auto Supplies Ltd

effective document management solutions

Neopost has supplied Mill Auto Supplies Ltd, a supplier of automotive parts and accessories in South West England, with its IMW-20 electronic document management system. Neopost’s IMW-20 provides the facility to scan, digitise, and electronically store many types of documents with just a few clicks. An A4 full duplex scanner can scan up to 2000 pages per day, simultaneously saving these pages to its 1000 GB hard drive. A comprehensive range of search options combined with automatic OCR (optical character recognition) and an ergonomic touch screen interface make retrieving stored documents simplicity itself. 

Since introducing the IMW-20 Mill Auto Supplies has reduced the space taken up by documents whilst increasing availability of documents. “Tony Watson, Company Accountant for Mill Auto Supplies, commented “Storage space is at a premium in the car parts business and having a large area taken up by documents isn’t a profitable way of using the space we have."
“The IMW-20 has eliminated the need to go searching for a document; instead all you need to do is tap a few keys to retrieve a document without even leaving the desk. Increased document availability coupled with reduced handling and storage has saved a lot of time.”

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