How to improve mail productivity - A white paper from Neopost

Neopost releases a new white paper explaining how today's intelligent mailing solutions can streamline business communications and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Neopost has produced a new white paper explaining clearly how businesses of all sizes can make use of mailing equipment and software solutions, to speed up the opening and distribution of incoming mail and the creation and despatch of outgoing post. 'How to improve mailing productivity' is the second in a series of Neopost white papers and follows the recent publication of 'How to cut the cost of postal communications'. 
Mail is vital to the smooth running of any business and the speed and accuracy with which invoices, contracts, statements, reminders, marketing material and other business-critical mail is processed can have a major impact on everything from cash flow and new business generation to the quality of an organisation's relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.  Even so, many businesses continue to rely on manual processes and poorly managed workflows for the handling of incoming and outgoing mail.
Neopost's free 12-page guide explains why it is important to eliminate bottlenecks and delays from mail workflows; highlights key topics to consider when designing more efficient mail processes; and outlines the productivity benefits of the latest mailing solutions, from envelope openers to output management software.
“As managers come under pressure to eliminate wasteful business processes, I would urge them to look at how they manage their incoming and outgoing post,” comments Neopost Marketing Director Andy MacKenzie. “Fast and accurate mail processing is essential to business efficiency and is becoming more so as postal communications are integrated with enterprise applications through output management solutions and the scanning of incoming mail. Even businesses with simple requirements can achieve big productivity gains by investing in a letter opener or folder-inserter to automate time-consuming manual tasks.”

Neopost's productivity white paper covers the following:-

  • Why an efficient mailroom is important to your business.
  • Design & Efficiency - the importance of design and ergonomics to mailroom productivity. 
  • Mail Preparation - extending the benefits of automation beyond the mailroom. 
  • Outgoing Mail - How to process outgoing mail more quickly. 
  • Incoming Mail - How to speed up the opening and distribution of incoming mail. 
  • Why Neopost - How Neopost can help you improve productivity throughout your business.