Working Mail Showroom

As part of its sales process, Neopost offers customers the opportunity to visit its UK headquarters in Romford, Essex, to view demonstrations of its solutions and ensure suitability before purchase.


“The working showroom is the perfect environment for Neopost to demonstrate its solutions to their full potential. We are providing our customers the chance to not just view demonstrations of our products, but to see how they perform under the pressures of a demanding working environment."

Sudheer Edupuganti - Neopost’s Document Print and Postroom Manager

Incoming Mail

Among the numerous products featured in the working showroom is the Neopost IM-75 high speed letter opener, which helps manage the flow of incoming mail thanks to its ability to open letters at a rate of over ten envelopes per second.

Mail Preparation

The Neopost DS-200 folder inserter saves countless man hours of mail preparation by automatically assembling all documents for inclusion, before folding them together and finally inserting them into an envelope at a rate of up to 4800 envelopes per hour.

Outgoing Mail

Neopost IS-6000 mailing system eliminates the manual tasks of outgoing mail such as sorting mail by size, thickness, or weight. Envelopes of various sizes and formats can be loaded together into the self-aligning feeder, then by simply pressing start the IS-6000 will automatically seal and frank envelopes at a rate of 260 letters per minute.


"As a complete end to end solution customers can see firsthand how Neopost’s products can streamline each step of the incoming and outgoing mail process.”

Sudheer Edupuganti - Neopost’s Document Print and Postroom Manager