Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reasons to choose a franking machine


Franking machine users receive savings on every item of mail sent and versus stamps. The discounts don't stop there! By formatting mail to be read and validated by Royal Mail's automated sorting technology, your business could be entitled to postal discounts of up to 34% off your standard mailing costs. All Royal Mail discounts are easily accessible via a franking machine.

Improve efficiency

Faster processing of outgoing mail helps to streamline your business operation and improve cash flow.

Keep your mailing lists up to date - FREE

Your Neopost franking machine can print your address on all items of post. Royal Mail will return all undeliverable franked mail, so you can update your lists for free.

Manage your postage on-line

Our customers enjoy a free online account called myneopost which allows you to analyse postal spend by department or type of mail. You can also order consumables or request service support.

No more queuing

With a Neopost franking machine you'll never run out of powww. That's because it can be re-credited on-line with postage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Right first time every time - keep up to date with the latest postage prices
Calculating the correct postage is easy with our on-screen rate wizard. There's no risk of under-stamping and passing surcharges onto your customers or over-stamping and incurring unnecessary costs. LAN connection allows the latest Royal Mail postal rates to be downloaded directly to a Neopost franking machine.

Promote yourself  

Today, every little helps when it comes to promoting your brand. A Neopost franking machine allows you to add a sales message to mail, helping to boost revenue and generate brand awareness.
Professional looking business mail
Franking your mail is an easy way to portray a more professional company image. Every invoice, statement, proposal and letter you send is a key customer communication. You can include your company name and logo, and create not only consistency but also reinforce your brand with every item of post you send.

Maximum security

Worried about unauthorised use? A Neopost franking machine can be fully locked and PIN protected, so that only authorised users have access.