Our intelligent software solutions will improve the cost-efficiency, productivity and quality of your physical and digital customer communications.  We can help with every stage of sending communications, including deliverability, document design, production and distribution via mail, email or SMS. Processing incoming mail, parcels and documents is easy with software that digitises paper documents and reliably logs deliveries.  Process management is simple and reliable to enable cost control and accuracy.

Improve Address Accuracy

Neopost Address management software improves the accuracy of data in customer databases, mailings and at point of capture. This means you can reduce costs, personalise communications and improve customer satisfaction and return on investment.

Manage Multichannel Communications

Output management software controls document design and adds intelligence to reliably manage production, personalisation and distribution through mail, email and SMS. This makes it much easier to manage multichannel communications in line with customer preferences and distribute/archive business-critical documents such as invoices and sales proposals

Digitise documents 

Electronic Document Management systems make it simple to scan paper documents to digital format for rapid internal distribution, easy processing and reduced storage. Documents such as invoices and sales orders are routed via predefined workflows and accessible via multiple remote workstations. Extraction of critical information, archiving and retrieving is simple and reliable. Storage space is dramatically reduced.

Automate Logging and tracking

Manually logging, tracking and recording incoming mail and parcels is time consuming and unreliable. Our handheld scanners read barcode information to accurately record and report deliveries. Undelivered mail or responses to marketing campaigns are quickly handled, while important documents or parcels can be tracked and status reported through to delivery to the recipient.

Improve Process Management

Monitoring costs and managing your postage is easy with myneopost and our mail accounting software. For improved control of high volume mail production Mailpiece Production Control provides an audit trail for each job.