Crediting your Machine


How do i use Credifon Direct Debit?

Paying in advance with a Credifon Direct Debit makes life easy for you!


Train your staff or learn how it all works for yourself in just a few minutes – CLICK HERE!

Why is my account on hold?

In the unlikely event that your account is ever put on hold, it will be because of only 4 simple reasons

CLICK HERE for our clear & easy info sheet – yours to keep!

How do i change my address or bank details?

Your machine is licensed so its location needs to always be up to date.

If you change bank details or your company name changes in any way, we need to be notified immediately or delays may occur with your Direct Debit – meaning you may not be able to use your franking machine when you need to.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of a Direct Debit Mandate to update your details right awa

How do i pay extra funds?

Running out of funds can cause delays!


But there are a number of things you can do to prevent having to manually pay extra.


Signing up to myneopost gives you the quickest way to make extra payments by credit card online. You can then change or increase your account limit, minimising the risk of delays or issues in the future.


Grab your account number and the postcode of the location of your machine, then CLICK HERE to take control and register with myneopost NOW!