Using your franking machine to send small parcels up to 1kg will give you the most savings versus stamps or other courier services.
A small parcel must weigh up to 2kg and fit the correct Royal Mail size and weight dimensions. There are exceptions for cubes and tubes that do not exceed 16cm in height, 16cm in width and 16cm in depth to be priced as a small parcel.
When using Royal Mail to send your small parcel you can choose the service that best fits your need from Guaranteed, Confirmed or Standard


When you want to send important or valuable items that must be there the next working day and you need to know they have arrived safely.


Perfect when you want added peace of mind and a signature on delivery.


Reliable delivery options for your non-valuable items.
Royal Mail provides customers with the best service - 99% next day delivery for Guaranteed and their dedicated delivery service has some of the quickest transit times to remote and offshore locations in the UK.

How to package your small parcel

It is important that your wrap and package your parcel up correctly and address it clearly using a postcode and return address
Select packaging that best suits the contents of your parcel. Packaging material should protect the items enclosed from damage and be fastened securely to avoid them coming undone in transit. 
Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker, if necessary.
You can get more expert advice from Royal Mail with their A-Z guide to wrapping and packaging
If you are still using stamps to send your small business parcels, then a franking machine could provide real savings for you.
View our range of franking machines with integrated scales and postage pricing wizards to make it as easy for you to send small and save big.