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April sees the launch of Mailmark™, the new generation of intelligent franking mark from Royal Mail .  Over time all franked mail will carry this 2D barcode, but existing franking formats will remain valid for a period .  Switching to Mailmark™ delivers real benefits for your business:


  • Always the lowest tariff in the franking channel - up to 34% cheaper than stamps
  • More professional and modern image helps to add customer value
  • Guaranteed accurate postage calculation avoids  surcharges and dissatisfied customers
  • Simple tariff update via LAN download



Becoming Mailmark™-ready could not be easier:

  • Upgrade to a Mailmark™ franking machine. If you choose to purchase one of our latest machines, they are compact, quiet, extremely easy to use and the smart technology allows VAT to be reclaimed on eligible Royal Mail postal services
  • Utilise blue ink
  • Use white envelopes
  • Connect your machine via the LAN at least once a week to ensure latest tariffs are loaded

To discuss your options for franking please call 0800 731 1334

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So what is Mailmark™?

Mailmark™ is a new generation of franking mark that replaces the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with a 2D barcode that carries machine readable information on the user and mailpiece. Mailmark™ offers the potential to track mail location and delivery, improve reporting and management of tariffs. Over time all business mail will carry this barcode. Royal Mail will continue to process existing franking formats for a period after Mailmark™ becomes available, so for those that do not want to take up this new technology there is no immediate change. 

Mailmark™ means smarter mail for your business

Some of the benefits of new Mailmark™ for your business are:

  • Simplified access to Royal Mail products
  • Increased intelligence gives potential for new products and services
  • More professional and modern image helps to add customer value
  • Cessation of “posting out of area” requirement

With Mailmark™ you always pay the right amount for postage

With Mailmark™ the correct postage is always applied so you benefit from:

  • No surcharges – avoid customer dissatisfaction and extra cost 
  • Simple tariff update
  • Accurate product selection

Who will benefit from using Mailmark™?

  • Retail customers using low sort, unsorted or meter options for Letters and Large Letters
  • Access customers sending machinable Letters and Large Letters
  • Business Mail Advanced and Response Services customers 

So what do franking machine users need to do?

As the old franking service remains, there is no need to upgrade or replace machines as a result of Mailmark™.  The business case for replacement will depend on the volume of mail sent and the tariff differences.  Mailmark™ Franking Machine Prices 2014
Other factors to consider when making this decision are the productivity, convenience and cost benefits of a new machine. Depending on the current machine, these could include integrated scales, intuitive touch screens, print quality and the capability to reclaim VAT on eligible Royal Mail postal services.

Let Neopost keep you posted

Over the coming months Royal Mail will be releasing more information and details on Mailmark™ – to keep up to speed with all these developments you can also register for regular e-mail bulletins from Neopost.