Easy to use, flexible, reporting for your Franking Machine

With NeoStats, you can recoup processing costs by charging back postage expenses to specific accounts/departments and identify potential cost savings by analysing postage spend by account/department/postage class and/or operator.

You will get reports of:

  • What has been sent.
  • Who has sent it.
  • Who’s paying for postage.
  • How much money is being spent by each department


The new NeoStats lets you monitor

  • Flexible reporting at your fingertips, 
  • Monitoring, tracking and managing postage expenses has never been easier,
  • Save time and eliminate errors,
  • Create spreadsheets and colourful graphs in minutes,
  • Track mail expenses and recoup costs through chargeback.
Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

Generate reports in minutes. Easily create eye catching graphs and spreadsheets. Analyse use of mail classes and postage trends to optimize potential savings. Easily view, export and share reports based on departments, mail class and operator.

Increase your postal efficiency

Increase your postal efficiency

Eliminate errors associated with manual postage reconciliation. Track expenses to specific accounts/departments at a glance. Recoup processing costs from the relevant cost centers

Availability and Features Overview


This web-based application enables is available on all IS franking Machines Using a LAN connection for postage download,
NeoStats does not support systems that connect with analog modems.


In just a few clicks Franking Machine users can see exactly how much is spent per month on postage and the total number of mail pieces processed.  
The enhanced version also allows users to analyse their spending per department and type of mail sent.  
With NeoStats Franking Machine users can, improve efficiency and recover processing costs for their postage operations easily.

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