Professional Business Mail Processing

Manually filling envelopes is labour intensive and could be costing your business both time and money. The Neopost range of paper and letter folding machines, or folder inserters, can help you:

  • automate production of invoicing, newsletters and marketing campaigns
  • access Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion discounts
  • improve presentation with neat folds and correctly located address
  • manage personalisation of content to individuals
  • ensure confidential information reaches the right person


The folding and inserting machine range is easy to use with job memories and advanced features. If you are interested in using a paper and letter folding and inserting machine, please view the range below, or get in touch for an expert consultation.


Low Volume Folding Inserting Machines

Fill envelopes 13 times faster than by hand

Handles a wide variety of inserts.

Versatile, compact and easy to use.

Mid Volume Folding Inserting Machines

Ensuring mail quality and integrity

Handles just about any insert size or type

High Volume Folding Inserting Machines

Ensure precisely the right content reaches the right addressee.

Production Mail Folding Inserting Machines

Highly versatile, productive and easy to use.

Streamline your mail processing