Automatic Letter Openers

Open letters quickly and without damage to contents

Manual processing of the morning post not only takes up staff time but could also mean delays in processing cheques, sales orders, customer enquiries or even complaints. 

This all means that mail can reach the recipient quicker - so processing and response can start without delay. As a result an envelope opener can offer your business the opportunity for better cash flow and more satisfied customers.

Opening letters is just the start of document processing. With the addition of a Neopost electronic document management system, mail can be opened and scanned in a seamless process for rapid internal distribution, on-line approval and reliable archiving. This saves time filing and locating documents, cuts document processing time and reduces storage space.

Letter opening machines

Compact and Efficient

  • Opens up to 300 letters per minute
  • Precisely slits envelope on one side so valuable contents are undamaged
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Big Performance in a Small Space

IM-19 letter opener
  • Opens up to 20,000 envelopes per day
  • Quick start to an optimised workflow (open/scan/distribute/process/store)
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High Speed Opening

  • High speed opening
  • Simple, reliable and easy to operate
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Letter opening and extraction systems

3-Sided Opening

  • Precisely cuts envelopes on 3 sides for easy extraction and protection of contents from damage
  • Opens up to 2400 envelopes per hour
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Presents Contents for Easier Extraction

  • Precisely cuts envelopes on 3 sides and presents contents for easy extraction
  • Optional empty envelope detection
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