Smart Franking Machines from Neopost

Franking machines not only allow you to access postage discounts up to 33% versus stamps on second class mail. They can also save time and improve your brand image.  It's quick and easy to calculate the right postage and you can use your franking machine to overprint envelopes with marketing messages, logos and a return address for undelivered mail.

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Low volume (up to 100 items per day)

IS-280c Franking Machine

Desktop franking for small businesses

No more queuing at the Post Office. No more guessing the correct postage. No more running out of stamps. The Neopost IS-280c can be re-credited on-line with...

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IN-360 Franking Machine

Compact, Quiet and Easy to Use

Calculating the right postage is made simple with an integrated postal scale and rate wizard. Powerfeed processes mail quickly and  Smart technology allows...

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Medium volume (up to 2000 items per day)

IN-600 Franking Machine

Delivers Fast and Efficient Mail Processing

Simple to use navigation and job set up. Optional automatic feeder for even quicker processing.

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High Volume (up to 5000 items per day)

IN-700 Franking Machine

High Performance Modular Mailing System

Best in class accounting options track and manage postal costs. Optional Speedweigh dynamic scale processes mixed mail on the fly.

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IS-6000c Franking Machine

Highly Productive, Durable and Easy to Use

A heavy duty, high volume machine that is built to last. High productivity with mixed mail feeding, dynamic scale and power conveyor. Ergonomic and easy to...

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Managing your Franking Machine Online

NeoStats - Take control of your postage expenses !

Easy to use, flexible, reporting for your Franking Machine

* What has been sent.
* Who has sent it.
* Who’s paying for postage.
* How much money is being spent by each department
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NeoSlogan - Think outside the envelope

Create Your Slogan for Your Franking Machine Online in minutes

1- Select your mailing system.
2- Choose a free slogan from the library or upload your own custom image.
3- Download the slogan artwork to your mailing...
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