Fill Envelopes Quickly & Accurately

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For Office Use

DS-35 Folder Inserter

Your Friendly Assistant

Whatever kind of business you're in, if you send even a few hundred items of mail each month you could really benefit from having a folder inserter.

DS-63 Folder Inserter

Your Mail Management Partner

The DS-63 is able to quickly and automatically process batch mailings such as invoice runs or direct marketing. This is achieved thanks to an easy-to-use...

DS-65 Folder Inserter

Quick, compact and robust

By adding an intelligent code to every mail piece using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or Barcode Recognition (BCR) marks, DS-65 can tailor content to every...


For Busy Mailrooms

DS-75 Folder Inserter

Productivity made easy

With its compact footprint, large loading and unloading capabilities and many enhanced features, usually avaliable only on larger systems, the DS-75 brings...

DS-85 Folder Inserter

Your mailroom assistant

Quick, versatile and easy to use, with sophisticated process controls to manage content. Full page reading capability allows flexible use of document...

DS-90i Folder Inserter

Your mailroom specialist

A high volume machine that can be precisely tailored to user needs through a wide range of specification options and upgrades.  Full page reading and...


Production Mail

DS-150 Folder Inserter

The New Standard in Productivity

The modular design of the folder insterter can be configured with 1 to 9 feeders using the performance Version, so  you can always have the capacity to meet...

DS-200 Folder Inserter

Versatile, Adaptable and Very Productive

Complements a production mail environment with rapid processing and the ability to manage specialist jobs that would disrupt volume processing. Handles a...

DS-1200 Folder Inserter

A heavy Duty, High Volume Powerhouse

Fast job set up and rapid processing. Able to handle a wide variety of inserts. Sophisticated controls ensure accurate mail processing and document...