Folder Inserters

Fill Envelopes Quickly & Accurately


Envelope stuffing is labour intensive and could be costing your business both time and money. The Neopost range of folder inserters can help you:


  • Automate production of invoices, newsletters and marketing campaigns
  • Access Royal Mail Pricing in Proportion discounts
  • Improve presentation with neat folds and correctly located addresses
  • Manage personalisation of content to individuals
  • Ensure confidential information reaches the right person


Our range of folder inserters are easy to use - with job memories and intuitive screen navigation. With options to fit any scale of operation, and systems that can give your mail the professional appearance you want, Neopost can help you to optimise your output. 

If you are interested in using a folder inserter to optimise your mail processes, please browse the range below, or get in touch for an expert consultation.


Additional resources:

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For office use

Compact, Quiet and Easy to Use

  • Fill up to 1350 envelopes per hour - 13 times faster than folding and inserting by hand
  • Conveys a professional image with neat folds and correctly located address
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Quick, Flexible and Easy to Use

  • Fills up to 2200 envelopes per hour and folds up to 5 documents in tri-fold format
  • Double document detection eliminates the risk of sending information to the wrong person
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Robust and Very Compact

  • Combines with Neopost Output Management Software (e.g. OMS-100) to process transactional mail, trans promo mail or marketing campaigns in house
  • Reads intelligent marks to ensure security of mailpiece to each recipient
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For busy mailrooms

Versatile, Productive and Easy to Use

  • Colour touch screen for ease of use
  • High capacity vertical stacker
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Ideal for a Busy Mailroom

  • flexFeeders handle just about any insert size or type
  • Flexible positioning of OMR and barcoding
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Flexible Configurations

  • Wide range of specification options
  • Can be expanded from 2 to 7 stations, providing additional capacity and protecting your investment
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Production mail

The new standard in Productivity

  • Modular design allows for easy upgradability as needs change
  • High speed output to support your production needs
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Versatile, Adaptable and Very Productive

  • Modular design allows for easy upgradability as needs change
  • Quick and easy automated job set up and changes
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A heavy Duty, High Volume Powerhouse

  • Sophisticated content integrity - can read OMR, BCR, 2D, OCR
  • Modular design allows for easy upgradability
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