Award winning document management solutions from Neopost

Are you looking for a way to improve the processing, distribution and retrieval of mail across your organisation? Neopost document management software and EDM (Electronic Document Management) systems are the ideal way to improve efficiency, allowing you to digitise documents with ease, reducing physical storage and cutting your storage costs. Document management solutions also help you to electronically manage your mail, improving workflow functions and making it easier to locate documents and invoices. If you think that document management software could help your organisation, the IMW 20 electronic document management system could be the answer to your mail challenges.

IMW-20 is a highly affordable system suitable for small to medium size businesses.

Integrated Electronic Document Management (EDM) stores and secures all your documents for retrieval later.

  • Powerful search engine to find your documents
  • Full PDF thumbnail viewing for easy recognition
  • Can store more than 3 million black & white single page documents
  • Automatic 50 page feeder
  • Can scan up to 2000 pages per day
  • Remote access ability

Document Storage and Archiving


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