OMS-500 Output Management Software

Manage Mail & Email

  • Manage communications via the channel preferred by your customers.
  • Add personalisation to key business transactional documents (e.g. Invoices, etc) and marketing messages, to promote and grow your brand and revenue.
  • Automate the creation, production and distribution of transactional business and marketing documents, through physical and electronic mail, and across the web.
  • Easily integrate with Neopost Folder Inserters, to create an automated and efficient mailing process
  • Merge different documents for the same customer into one envelope to save money on postal costs.
  • Integrate with Mailmark, Address Cleansing and other applications.
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Customer communications the easy way

OMS-500 is flexible and powerful multichannel output management software. It is a user friendly and cost effective way to enrich, automate, manage and keep control of your customer communications across mail, email and across the web.


Business Benefits

Cost Savings

  • Postage savings with grouping, batch printing, sorting and merging
  • Allows changes in real time without IT involvement
  • Leverages IT investments through ERF/CRM business process interfaces


  • High performance (up to 10,000 documents per minute)
  • Easy to use and configure
  • User friendly Graphical User Interface
  • End to end process management and automation
  • Supports standard input and output data formats: pdf, PCL, TNO, postscript

Process Management

  • Easily integrates with Neopost folder inserters to create an automated and efficient mailing process
  • Add barcodes in seconds to control inserting systems for reliable and flexible content management
  • Reliable mailpiece integrity – only correctly filled envelopes are output
  • Allows centralised document control
  • Supports integrity barcodes OMR, BCR, 2D
  • Multilingual document management

Effective Communications

  • Using text recognition, add selective documents or promotions for selected customers
  • Barcode intelligence ensures security – the right document to the right person every time
  • Applies specified branding
  • Delivers information through recipients preferred channel (mail, email, SMS)