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NeoTrack Touch

Neo track hand held mailing scanner
  • Reduce lost packages in number and identify the location of losses easily

  • Improve internal delivery times, free up resource for additional activity

  • Monitor delivery status

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Neotrack Touch is an automated parcel receiving software designed to track important packages or documents from the point at which they are dropped off by the carrier at your facility to the point at which it is delivered to the intended recipient. neoTrak Touch can also track internal movement of various materials within an organisation (i.e files, equipment, office supplies, computers, etc.).

Developed for Office Managers, Mailroom Supervisors or Mail Centre Directors looking to "take control" of the receiving and delivery of incoming mail, neoTrak Touch dramatically improves the management of your internal mail delivery process, increases department reliability via automation, and decreases costs with improved productivity. 

Business Benefits

Process Management

  • neoTrak Touch implementation standardises a process which is simple and effective for users

  • Packages and important letters have a clear process by which they can be tracked and reported on

  • Regular process reporting is made easier by using neoTrak Touch and process improvements can be identified earlier

  • Deliveries are confirmed holding personnel responsible

  • Higher management can review overall activities with the remote use of the reporting and enquire functionality and decide on improvements where ‘bottle necks’ occur

  • Process time reporting on a regular basis can be used to help outsourced services demonstrate performance against SLAs

  • Package route through the process has a recognised audit trail


  • Check courier deliveries easily with the ‘Book in’ option

  • Increased efficiency using OCR technology to update the system with new packages

  • Individual package location enquiries handled from a desktop rather than searching through paper logs - assisted by email alerts to addressees

  • Package throughput higher and recipient kept better informed

  • neoTrak Touch improves internal delivery times freeing up resource for additional activity

  • Reporting identifies problem areas to resolve which previously would have gone unnoticed and increases efficiency

  • Lost packages reduced in number and the location to look for losses easily identified

  • At any stage during the process a package can be identified with an exact time eliminating the need for a costly manual search