IMW -20

Electronic Document Management System

  • Scan up to 2000 pages per day
  • Store up to 3 million black and white documents
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IMW - 20

IMW-20 is an affordable document management solution for small businesses wanting to move to paperless processing.  Digitizing mail is quick and easy, supporting rapid internal distribution, on line processing and quicker archiving. 

Business Benefits


  • Easy to set up

  • Powerful search engine makes it quick and easy to locate documents and invoices
  • Automatic page feeder handles up to 50 documents at a time
  • Can scan up to 2000 pages per day
  • User friendly touch screen and high performance scanner

Process Management

  • All incoming mail can be tracked and located along the route to recipients

  • Manage invoice authorisation and payment with in-built traceability and timescale

  • Automated OCR and content reading

  • Electronic signature, stamps and annotations

Cost Saving

  • Reduce physical storage requirements, 1000GB disk storage stores millions of documents

  • Avoid expensive external storage and document retrieval costs

  • Remote access ability improves process time, reducing cost

Effective Communications

  • share documents internally, IMW-20 can send, control and store all documents and provide an easily accessible history

  • Much faster internal distribution of mail, invoices and other documents- scanned documents are sent to the virtual mailbox of internal recipients

  • Network capability allows remote groups, agencies, warehouse or retail stores to be included