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Bulk Mailer Address Accuracy Software

Improve deliverability

  • Prepare accurately addressed mailings quickly

  • Sort addresses to achieve lowest postage rates

  • Reduce undeliverable mail

  • Improve ROI of marketing mailings

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Business Benefits

Cost Savings

  • Sorts addresses to achieve the lowest postage rates

  • Reduces the amount of undeliverable mail to eliminate wasted postage and materials

  • Increases mail deliverability to ensure mail reaches intended recipients

  • Increases results on mailings for greater return on investment


  • Simplifies the preparation and sorting of mailings

  • Uses wizards and templates to make sorting mail easy for everyone using the solution

  • Easily standardises address formats to Royal Mail guidelines and appends/amends any missing postal data

  • Automates preparation of any mailing

Process Management

  • Superior mail piece designer offers full graphics support and shows print zones supported by your printer

  • Add-ons expand the capabilities of Bulk Mailer to meet the most demanding mailing requirements

  • A mail sort wizard presents settings in a step-by-step format, or in a single window for power users

  • Produces bag labels and user-friendly sort report, to further simplify mailing preparation

Effective Communications

  • Improves results of direct mail campaigns by increasing address quality for mailings

  • State-of-the-art printing controls support fonts and images, such as a logo

  • Creates more-targeted mailings by defining criteria and sort options

  • Assesses the quality of each mailing list for all your direct mail campaigns with address correction reports