Small and Medium Businesses

Why Your Mail matters

How you handle mail can impact the sales, profitability and efficiency of your business:
  • Boost sales through effective sales promotions 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with a prompt, professional response
  • Process orders and payments quickly
  • Save money on your postage helping your bottom line
  • Reduce time spent manually opening or filling envelopes
  • Deal with mail easily and efficiently - it makes good business sense!

Neopost Solutions for Small Businesses

Our range of solutions can handle tasks of any volume, but check out these affordable entry-level machines as the first step to making your mail cheaper and more efficient:

Cut your postage costs

Franking prices are up to 33% lower than second class stamps. Using a franking machine is much quicker and more convenient too.  Autostamp2 is suitable for firms sending up to 50 items a day.

Open mail fast

Open letters fast with the IM-16, so mail reaches the addressee sooner and staff can focus on more valuable tasks.

Save time filling envelopes

The DS-35 folder inserter automates the task of envelope filling, saves staff time and delivers consistently accurate results.