Experts in Customer Communications

Smarter communications with Neopost software

Manage inbound and outbound communications by mail, email, SMS and packages. Improve customer data quality. Design, produce and distribute professional looking documents. Digitise documents for quick distribution, processing, storage and retrieval. Automatically log and track documents.  Check out 10 ways software can help you send communications and 10 ways it can help with receiving. 

Helping your bottom line

  • Grow sales

    Attractive and well presented customer communications help you to win new customers and build loyalty. We can help you promote brand image and personalise communications so the right message goes to the right person. Our solutions can also speed up internal communication and document processing so you can respond quickly to customer enquiries, orders, payments and even complaints.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

    Cut postage, inventories and waste. Improve deliverability with accurate data. Boost e productivity: automate manual tasks, manage and integrate processes, centralise operations and avoid human error. 

Open, scan, process, store

Paperless processing is so much quicker and more efficient.  It’s easy to seamlessly open and digitise incoming mail with a Neopost automatic letter opener and electronic document management system.  Documents can be routed quickly without manual intervention. Invoices, receipts, sales orders and statements can be processed and approved on-line via remote terminals. Save storage space and time archiving and retrieving.